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I did a facebook live today about blogging,

where I am sharing my best blogging tips.

You can watch it below...


I hope you liked this facebook Live...The free trial that I am mentioning in this blogging tips Fb live,

you can access at the rop of this blog, or you can grab it here.  You can have your own authority blog, webapge building tool, email adresses and more.for free for a full 7 days.

Should you not be pleased witht his business during the trial, then just end your subscription and it won't cost you a  dime.



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Does online marketing work?

Does online marketing work?

Well it is not  that starnge if people are asking themselves this;

"does online marketing work".

Because  there are so many softwares and business opportinities out there that

really don't deliver on there promises. There are plenty of people that have lost money because of these shiny objects that promises the moon but never deliver on their promises.

Does online marketing workSo it is nothing strange with the fact that only 3% of all people that tries to make it within online marketing actually succeeds.

I have been involved with online marketing a little more the 5 years, and I must admit, I was about to quit many times. But something inside me didn't want to quit.

That would feel like  big failure I guess,s o I didn't wanna do that... But back to the subject does online marketing work?

Yeah it does,if you are willing to learn from those that are alredy successful.It depends wether or not you are coachable as well.

If you truly want to make money online then you really need to be coachable, be willing to learn... talking about softwares and biz opps that doesn't deliver, this has delivered for me at least.... Check that video out, watch it until the end, and myabe you will find that it could help you too, whats inside.

This guy Dean Holland used to be one of the struggling marketers,

but he has managed to turn his situation around for the better,so now he is helping others to do the same with his system. So watch that video to see if it is something for you.

When you work it, it works...

Anyway he is teaching step by step coaching/training that will get you closer those sales that you really want to be making.Does online marketing work

Inside thies system you learn marketing strategiees that truly works, both free and paid methods...Does online marketing work?

Yes with what they teach within this system, it really does. What struggling marketers may be missing is quality training and that is what you access within this step by step system.

Once you have gone through the training it is crucila that you apply what you hve learned as well,

otherwise it would have been all for nothing. Because online marketing works, if you work it.

Best of luck.



Tommy Olsson

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Fast money, does that even exist?

Fast money, the ability to earn it online,

is that really possible, or is it just a myth?

There are a lot of ways that you can make money online,and there might

be some ways that you can make fast money.

That would be if you for instance are having great knowledge about the stockmarket nd are ble to invest in stocks that pay off  big.

iothewise when it comes to regular online marketing ,fast money doesn't exist..

Not if you are asking me anyway... Still, if you are willing to learn and are patient and simply do not give up then yes, you can in fact can make money online,and even a lot of money online.

fast moneyBut you will not get there by falling for all the new shiny objects out there, or some "magical" push button software that promises you fast money.

You need the correct marketing skills from a trustworthy already successful marketer that are willing to share what works for him or her,

when it comes to making money online. Not all marketing training is for free so you need to be willing and ready to spend money in order to make more money.

Spend money, invest in yourself

By buying a marketing course you are in fact investing in yourself and your future as a marketer. Some people har jumpimg in on these shiny objects because they fall for the fake promises of making them fast money and making them rich fast, but they ending up being disapointed and maybe even bitter. And who can blame them? These product creators take advantage of peoples situations and their needs.

But there are marketing training that teaches proven to work strategies with people,

without ripping them off. In fact considering the value that are in soem products, they come for a quite Fast money

low price.  Like this one that also comes with a money back garantee. the training may not give you fast money or instant wealth,

but it teaches you what you need to know to be able to build up a recurring income online.

So if you had it with shiny objects or push buttons softwares that falsely promises fast money and that just doesn't work, then watch this video.

Thanks for reading this post.


Tommy Olsson


Is it a scam?

Is it a scam?

This is a question that I think many people are asking themselves

when they considering to join a online business.

Is it a scam??

Although not every online business is a scam, there are of course these online scams circulating on the internet...

Is it a scamMany people have unfortunally lost money in companies that ripped them off and that couldnt deliver on their false promises, which is very sad of course.

But there are more etichal legit online busineses out there then there are scams actually. But a small group of scammers has given the online marketer profession a bad reputation.

That is why people due to unsecurity are asking "is it a scam?". every now and then... There are times when people are jumping to conclusions and asking too quickly also "is it a scam",

because they are expecting to  big results to fast when joining a particular business. It is not a scam just because somone is impatient and maybe frustrated due to lack of results.

It is not a  scam just because you haven't been able to make any sales yet... So we are responsible for our own success  and must take full responsibilty for it...

So a person have to think twice before calling a business a scam as well. But wouldn't it be great if there was a way to learn marketing the right way step by step? And being coached by a trustworthy mentor that used to struggle to make money ,but now is a multi millionaire? Watch and listen to his message  right here.

Do not ask, is it a scam, because it certainly isn't.

Watch the whole video and listen to the true testimonials from  members that are using this system...Is it a scam
A lot of previously struggling marketers have been helped by this system.

You do not have to worry bout the cost to get in on this step by step system and its training either, because as you'll discover it comes with a small price tag.

It also comes with a money back garantee which means that you have nothing to loose.



Tommy Olsson


How can I make money online?

How can I make money online?

If you re asking yourelf that question;

"how can I make money online?"

Then keep om reading and I will give s you some advice regarding that.

as you know there are a ton of people online that are struggling to make money,to make any money what so ever. so yes,

they might be asking themselves, "how can I make money online?"

So how do we change that? What are the best way of getting started when it  comes to make money online? Well starting off for free then signing up as a afilliate for  a vendors product and How can i make money onlinepromote those products through free marketing strategies,is one way to get started especially if you are having a limited budget. That may take longer time then if you have some money to invest in paid advertising, howeever, it can pay off for you with hard work. There are people online that makes the big bucks through online marketing, so yes affiliate marketing works,once you know how to do it properly... For instance, Michael Cheney are making a massive income through affiliate marketing. But if you do not have that knowledge yet how to make money, well then you have to learn it.

To enjoy success in making money online we need to have the will to always keep learning more about marketing. We also need to be coachable... Now about getting coaching that will help you getting started with making sales online, I would advice you to watch this video.... And as you can see,it doesn't have to be pricey to get started with that training and system. It does  not matter if you are a newbie or more experienced marketer,that system are providing results for  a lot of people that are using it.

"How can I make money online?"

Well for starters, watch that video... and make a decision.

because online marketing doesn't have to be that hard, if you follow a training that takes you step by step closer to those sales.

And online marketing just becomes as hard as you make it to be...

You'll be teached by someone who has been where you maybe are, his name is Dean Holland. He used to struggle to make any money  at all online ,but no longer.

I hope now that you got some answers to how

you can start make some more money online.



Tommy Olsson


Make side money online the right way

Make side money online,

without falling for the shiny objects or even lies that  circulating online...

Would that interest you? A lot of people wants to  make side money online or even

a  fulltime living online, but many never succeed in doing that.

So to make side money online the correct  and effective way, then why not learn from a guy who have been struggling online, but now are making thousands each day?

No It is not myself I am talking about. I am talking about this guy in this video...

Yes he used to be where so many aspiring marketers end up ,he was really struggling.

Make side money online

But now he and his system helps a lot of people with different experiences within internet marketing to enjoy big success when they make side money online.

I have gone through the training in this system Internet profitsa nd I am impressed of all the value given inside this system. This system fits anyones wallet, because you can get in on this system for a one time fee of 20 dollars. You can get started and make side money online or more then just side money online, pretty soon after going through this training. Even if you have a limited budget you can make money with this system,because inside of the system they show you free strategies that are very effective as well. But you do not have to take my word for it, just head over here and watch the video and make your own conclusions... If you have tried almost every tool or strategy to make side money online but failed, then I would advice you to at least have a look at this system ,watch the video to hear honest testimonails from other members as well.

If you have found value by reading this blog post then feel free to share it and leave your comments to it,thank you.


Tommy Olsson


Tips if you suffer from very sore joints

Do you suffer from very sore joints?

Then the information that I will share now may be valuable to you.

As I have mentioned on this blog before, Vasayo is a new company that now are in soft launch,and this company provides safe products that will eas the pain

and add more flexibiltiy to peoples joints among other things.

So these products to help people with very sore joints,

will be vailable any day now.

These products are safe becuse as you can read for your self here,

there are doctors and scientists within Vasayo that are making sure that these products are safe and effective so that they will deliver on its promises...

.Vasayos product to ease the pain for people that are suffering from very sore joints,

an image of that product are showned below...



Very sore joints








The benefits with this product Renew are;


  • MicroLife Renew helps balance the body’s inflammatory response.
  • It protects from free radicals and  delivers a powerful arsenal of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals as well as the damage they cause.
  • It support antioxidant activities to help cells remain healthy and vibrant.
  • It supports  Cartilage and Joint Function
  • The product creates enhanced flexibility, range of motion, and mobility within the joints.
  • It will help your immune system and body to cope with daily stressors.
  • It enhances Mental Energy & Focus, the product can  help support mental energy and activity
  • Renew can contribute to an optimal state for basically all of your body’s major systems.

So this product by the new of "Renew" helps with quite many issues that people may suffer from, as well as of course releaving the very soar joints pain that people are hving .

So anyone that suffers from very sore joints can benfit from this Vasayo product. You can find out more information about this product by clicking here...


I hope that you got more knwoledge now by reading this post, about how you can get rid or get some release from those joint pains now.



Tommy Olsson


My1dollarbusiness, what is my1dollarbusiness?

If you are not sure what  My1dollarbusiness is

then I will shortly explain that for you.

My1dollarbusiness is  business where you pay 1 dollar each month

and in time you can turn this feeder program into your own automated business.

Yes I know,there are lots of feeder programs out there but this one really puts earnings on autopilot.

Sounds to good to be true? Let me explain further why My1dollarbusiness is legit and the real deal. This business is new and a lot of people are taking action and are joining it daily. A  it is new is a great thing to get in among the first s its might be easier to recruit people then. Thousands of dollar have been paid out already from this business.

You can use My1dollarbusiness as your min business or use it s a feeder to fund your other online biz ops or projects. This business is perfect for people who do not want to or not are able to spend that much on a online business. Its is also pefect for people that are struggling to make money online...

Through My1dollarbusines you will save money while making money. You'll save for instance  in form of cash backs; at hotel expenses , grocery stores and so on worldwide. This business lets you in on great deals. It just take two referals to be able to receive commissions as well.

Have a loook at the video below from the CEO of My1dollarbusiness;

Now to some more facts about this business;

Members are able to Join for $1, $10 Phase 1 or $20 Phase 2 when signing up. You earn the commissions for that level no matter what level you are. For example, if you are a $1 Member and you refer a $20 Phase 2 Member, you will earn $5.00. New $10 and $20 Membership Commissions are added  on a weekly basis. They do not show up instantly and will be programmed to do so in the future. $1 Referral sales do show up instantly. In the future you will also have your own store to sell products and services to people,so that's another way of earning with My1dollarbusiness!.

Now to some exciting news on top of this; You can now refer new members to start with an Instant Level-Up to Phase 2 for $20. This will give them instant access tothe "Amazing Condo International Program" with unlimited week long vacations for as little as $399 per week!

Ready to join My1dollarbusiness? Then just click here...

Make sure that you put in my referal id in the form at the page; tommyolsson


All the best,

Tommy Olsson


Vasayo payplan explained

In this post I will explain in detail the Vasayo payplan.

Vasayo that now are in soft prelaunch has a very impressive payplan indeed.

Now, there are 8 ways that you can earn with the Vasayo  binary payplan.


So this is how you earn with your Vasayo business:

 CUSTOMER SALES BONUS (CSB) As a Brand Partner, you’ll beable to earn Customer Sales Bonuses, depending on how much your succcess • Enrolling Brand Partners will be paid 20% of their Customer Volume  on a weekly basis• Enrolling Brand Partners will also receive a $50 bonus if their Customers have at least 500 CV, or $150 if their Customers have at least 1,000 CV (paid on a 4-week cycle) vasayo

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION BONUS (PIB) At Vasayo, we get rewarded  for sharing the Vasayo opportunity with others. that is the purpose with the Product Introduction Bonus—paid every time a newly sponsored Brand Partner in your downline places their first commissionable order 80 PV (Personal Volume) Active Brand Partners will earn 20% PIB on purchases from new Brand Partners  that they have recruited for their first commissionable order. • Remaining volume will go to the team upline.

Then we have the  TEAM COMMISSION (TC) The generous team commissions  you get when you first starting off to build your Vasayo team.. Your earnings will increase exponentially when you enroll new Brand Partners and help them to do the same.  Now lets get into the Team Commission Cycles: When 240 CV has been accumulated on one of your team legs and 480 CV on the other, a team commission of $25 will be paid out (240 CV / 480 CV for $25). Brand Partners are able to earn up to 1,100 cycles x $25 team 5 commissions, totaling $27,500 per BC (Business Center) weekly. Number of Active Customers required for each rank group to qualify for Team Commission: In the U.S., 1 for Starter Ranks, 2 for Metal Ranks, 4 for Gemstone Ranks, 6 for Ambassador Ranks, and 8 for Crown Ranks. Active Customer means any Customer who purchases at least 35 PV worth of products every 4 weeks.

TEAM COMMISSION MATCHING BONUS  Based on your personal enrollment tree (downline), this matching bonus pays you for your efforts in supporting and building up your  Vasayo team. And you get paid up to seven (compressed) generations deep. To qualify, you must maintain at least 160 PV.


LEADERSHIP BONUS This bonus  rewards you for becoming a rising leader in Vasayo. Once you are Paid-As a Ruby or higher, you can become eligible to receive 2% of Vasayo’s global weekly CV. Must be Active with at least 160 PV to qualify though.

RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS  As you progressing with building your Vasayo business, you’ll rise through the Ranks and make even more money. Lets talk about now the' Black Diamond: $100K. 10K paid the first month when the Brand Partner becomes a new Black Diamond. The second through tenth 10K will be paid in the month when he/she maintains Black Diamond for at least one week.

Royal Black Diamond: $200K. 20K paid the first month when the memeber becomes a Royal Black Diamond. The second through tenth 20K will be paid in the month when you maintains Royal Black Diamond for at least one week.  Imperial Black Diamond: $400K. 40K paid the first month when the Brand Partner becomes a new Imperial Black Diamond. The second through tenth 40K will be paid in the month when he/she maintains Imperial Black Diamond for at least one week. Crown Blue Diamond: $600k. 60K paid the first month when the Brand Partner becomes a new Crown Blue Diamond. The second through tenth 60K will be paid in the month when he/ she maintains Crown Blue Diamond.  Double Crown Blue Diamond: $800k. 80K paid the first month when the Brand Partner becomes a new Double Crown Blue Diamond. The second through tenth 80K will be paid in the month when he/she maintains Double Crown Blue Diamond for at least one week.

Triple Crown Blue Diamond: $1M. 100K paid the first month when the Brand Partner becomes a new Triple Crown Blue Diamond. The second through tenth 100K will be paid in the month when he/she maintains Triple Crown Blue Diamond for at least one week.

 LIFESTYLE TRIPS  Allows you to enjoy luxury accommodations, exhilarating adventures, and top-notch education as a reward.

 MULTIPLE BUSINESS CENTERS Motivated and proven Brand Partners may be awarded an additional BC (Business Center) after reaching the Black Diamond Rank and maintaining Black Diamond or above status for 4 consecutive weeks. Vasayo will offer seasonal promotions allowing you to earn additional income.

Watch the image below to see a summary of the Vasayo payplan.




If you are ready to make this year your year, then click this...



Tommy Olsson




Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Well, you are not alone...

A lot of people are suffering from trouble sleeping and many suffers from insomnia...


We need enough sleep to be able to feel good and for our bodies to function properly.

Some people are having trouble sleeping temporarly, but some continue to suffer from this condition and then we are talking about a sleeping disorder.

And according to what is written at  the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research states that, at least 40 million Americans suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders and another 20 to 30 million experience occasional sleep problems. Among sleeping disorders, Insomnia is the most common one.

Now there are products out to help you get away from these trouble sleeping that you might have.

They are offered through Vasayo... trouble sleeping

You can have a closer look at those products by clicking here...

"Microlife sleep" is what we want to check out at this page if you are suffering from trouble sleeping

You can click on the little cloud there at the product image,to learn more about this product, but I will also share some of the benefits with this product if you keep on reading...


The benefits with this product are as follows;

  •  Optimizes Your Body’s Natural Sleep Mechanisms: Ingredients like melatonin support the body’s own sleep cycles for better-quality rest.
  • It helps you to relax & Reduce Stress: MicroLife Sleep helps relax the mind and prepare the body for restful sleep.
  • Get – And Stay – Asleep: This product is Specially formulated to give you a dreamy night’s sleep, MicroLife Sleep provides relief for occasional sleeplessness.
  • Wake upp full with energy: With a healthy, rejuvenating night’s sleep, you can wake up renewed and rested, without the drowsiness associated with most other sleep products.
  • You will Experience a Improved Wellness State and feel in a good mood.

Each container lasts for 30 servings.

How to Use the product: Shake well. Take 4 sprays orally, before bedtime, or as directed by your doctor.


I hope this information will come to good use for you.

Make it a great day.



Tommy Olsson