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What is Gdi?

What is Gdi?

Are you unsure of what Gdi is?

Ok then I will give my best answers to that through this blog post.
What is Gdi?

Gdi stands for Global domains international.

What is Gdi Then? It is a mlm company where afiliates are able to sell the ws domain names and hosting and the peronal ws email service. Besides that as a active Gdi member you can build a solid income from home. Some people may say that is hard to build a team and income with Gdi, I don't think that is true,it depends on what mentoring you get how good your sponsor is regarding teaching marketing strategies that pays off. it also has to do with the kind of action youwill take as a member.
For 10 dollars a month you get your own domain name, you authority blog, your own email adress and you get access to a easy to use drag and drop website builder.
This ebsite builder make it easy to build a good looking website and have it up and running in no time.
Gdi have been around for quite some time, so it has proven to last the test of time...

The benefits

So what is Gdi and what more are the benefits of being a affiliate and member of Gdi? Well once  your leads has opted in through the opt in form through your custom Gdi capture page,automated mesages will go out to your leds. this is something that is already set up through the system with gdi,so you do not have to do anything. This makes it much easier for people that feels unsure about how to turn the leads into paying costumers.

The payplan

Let us dive in to the payplan with Gdi:

  • You will soon be making money not just from the people you refer, but also from all of the people THEY refer and so on, down through five  generations of affiliates and customers.
  • On level one you will recieve 10% commissions on the domains you sell and You will earn 10% commissions on your personal affiliates sales.
  • On level 2 you will earn 10% on the sales of the people they personally sponsor.
  • At level 3 you will earn 10% on levels 4 and 5.
  • As a Master affiliate you have the potential to earn commissions on UNLIMITED LEVELS.


Below you can view a image that describes the payplan;


What is gdi



For testimonials from Gdi affiliates visit this link...


Through that link you also can access a 7 day free trial of this business.  I hope that this content have been answering  the question, what is Gdi, for you.



Tommy Olsson

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